Family Law

When you become our client, we listen to your needs with respect and compassion, helping you to find the solutions that work best for your case and your life. Then we handle your case with perseverance, and we do not give up until you attain the justice you deserve!

Criminal Law
Harris Law Office is experienced and aggressive in criminal defense law, and we are not afraid to fight for our clients. We handle all types of criminal defense cases including assault, battery, burglary, DUI/DWI, drug possession, forgery, murder, robbery, sex offenses, theft, traffic offenses, and much more. We work hard to protect the rights and the futures of our clients.
Estate Planning
Estate planning allows you to provide for your family by creating a will, establishing a power of attorney or living will, making funeral arrangements in advance, and more. If you’re ready to begin the estate planning process, you need the help of an attorney with the knowledge to protect the interests of you and your loved ones.
Personal Injury 
A serious injury can derail your life. Mounting medical bills, loss of wages and future care can be devastating both emotionally and financially. The firm understands that recovery can be jeopardized if you can't afford treatment or care and if you are worrying about how to pay your bills when you can't work.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a chance for justice. The world of the law can be challenging and often intimidating, and navigating the legal system is not for the faint of heart. We can guide you through your legal issues, with advice you can trust and support you can depend on.